Conexiones y Mangueras S.A. de C.V. 
:: Letter from our CEO

Customer Service is always one of our main focus, we have made a constant effort to keep us at the forefront in our systems and equipment used to ensure the service quality and a fast response in every process that involves the sale and delivery of our products.

Our philosophy make us the market leaders because we're the most competitive option in price, service, variety and quality. We could achieve this thanks to our commitment with You, our clients, who give us your confidence and allow us to be your provider.

Keeping our line of work, me made this Web site to keep information related with our company and the products available for all our clients and/or those ones with interest to become one. Now, thanks to our new Web site, we're glad to have a communications channels with you working 24 hours a day.

This Web site had been developed thinking on you. We hope it please you and help us to strength our current business ties and to create some more.

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