These're the brands we represent.

Industrial hoses for water, air, steam, gas, dust blow, acids, chemical products, concrets, food an so on.

Automotive and Industrial bands/strips in "V", Hi-Power, Timing, RVS, HTD DP, linked, truflex, pinpoint and so on.

Conveyor belts, elevator for packet handling, food, heavy service, pushers and special uses as well as transmissions.  

 Hydraulic line and brass connectors.
Non-conductive hoses.
Low, medium, high and extreme pressure hoses.
Connectors, joints and adaptors, rotating joints. Equipment for press, cutting and hose test. download catalog (36 Mb)->

"EAGLE COUPLINGS" Industrial connectors, fast closing hermetic connector in bronze, aluminum, coal steel, stainless steel, nylogras and polyglass.

Exclusive distribuitors.
Oring's rings, standard and pinpoint kits in buna, neoprene, viton, silicone, Teflon, epdm and so on.  

Low and Hi Seal steel connectors, brass and stainless steel.
Connectors for lubing, brakes compression and so on.
Hoses, connectors and adaptors. download catalog (23.4 Mb)->

Leader in measurement equipment such as: gauges, micrometer, cover or digital verniers, transporter, linear scales and so on.
We have inspection, calibration and repair services download catalog (85 Mb)->

Flexible hoses in different materials: stainless steel, special alloys and critical applications, expansion joints as well as anti-vibrations We're exclusive distributors  

"DELORO STELLITE" Manufacturing of high wear parts in high cobalt steel, nickel, special alloys, soldered joint, an so on.
We're exclusive distributors download catalog (107 Mb)->

Adhesive, sealant, fixer, silicones, anaerobic, epoxy, application equipment, and so on.  

Filters, lubricants and regulators.  

"ERCKO" Hand pallets, presses, bucket to lubricate and oil, grease gun, equipment for automotive garages and so on.


"NACOBRE" Flexible copper pipe, rigid, copper and galvanized steel for a variety of uses and so on.


"IDEAL" Endless clamps, grease injectors, mouthpiece and so on.


"DONALDSON" Dust manifold, filtering equipment, filters, cartridges and everything related with filter.  

We're manufacturers for:

  • Oring's rings standard and pinpoint kits in buna, neoprene, viton, silicone, Teflon, epdm and so on.
  • Asbestos and asbestos free packing in fabric , braid and twisted string, fabric and tapes, as well as asbestos and asbestos free Donnex's brand sheets
  • Stainless steel metallic hoses by design and specification.
  • Flanged oilskin expansion joints in neoprene, hypalon, viton, silicon as so on.
  • Flexitalic asbestos and asbestos free joints, Teflon and so on.
  • Sheets, plates, solid and empty bars, Teflon tapes.
  • Fiberglass sheets and tapes.
  • Gray and white felt, felt wool and synthetic discs.
  • Manufacturing of special molding and die oilskin, Teflon, asbestos, paper and felt packing, G7, G9, cork according with your specifications.
  • Manufacturing of dust collectors, filter bags, fabric, polypropylene meshes, polyester, nylon, nomex, P.84 and so on.
  • Manufacturing of all kind of industrial parts according with specifications with all kind of materials as CNC, scheming center, milling machine, argon, electrical and autogenous soldered joints.


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